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Fine gendaito signed shin-gunto wakizashi in original polish (sold)

A stunning WW2 shin-gunto in its original polish, signed by well known gendaito sword maker, with superb hamon; 54.7cm blade just short of "official" katana length.

Gendaito signed shin-gunto wakizashi, original polishgendaito signed shin-gunto wakizashi

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This is a stunning shin-gunto with superb original polish blade signed by Hattori Masahiro; "Noshu Seki ju Hattori Masahiro Saku" (see: signature example here). The 54.7cm blade having a spectacular kinsuji riding above the gunome hamon.

image kinsuji above gunome hamon

The shin gunto mounts in generally good condition, the leather of the saya a little tired / shrunken near the koiguchi (throat). Some very small light rust spots here and there on an otherwise exemplary blade.

image tip 1

Further / full sized images available upon request. Item reference code 307.

Hattori Masahiro

image signed wakizashi shin gunto




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