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World War One British Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Sword, Sold

In overall good condition, a complete World War One British infantry officer's sword, knot, scabbards, inner bag, and carry bag, by Wilkinson Sword and with owner's initials and commissioning date.

World War One British Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Swordimage G98 1

Sales enquiries

With the owner's initials, "G. S. M" and feint date "11 May 1914" to the inside of the bag, Wilkinson serial number 44586 to the blade's spine, although the Wilkinson sales ledger section for 1914-1917 is lost, the initials and the date (presumed to be the officer's date of commissioning) should allow the identity of the original owner to be researched via the British Army List for 1914 / 1915. Whoever the officer was, he gained his commission just before World War One and therefore almost certainly was involved in the Great War from the beginning.

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The sword clearly has been stored for a very long time as the plated steel scabbard, used for dress occasions, was stuck in the inner doeskin bag, where the bag had shrunk with age. It is very rare and very nice to get the complete sword set like this; sword, both scabbards, sword knot, doeskin bag, leather carry bag. The sword has suffered a bit from slight damp etc., though is generally in good condition. The 32 1/2 inch blade with some patina and rust spots to the spine, the hilt equally has some rust spots with the plating bubbled, the fishskin grip and associated twisted grip wire bindings in good condition. The leather scabbard is very good, the plated steel scabbard with some plating loss and a rust patch one side, plus rust spots here and there. The doe skin inner bag is aged and dry and has shrunk. The leather carry bag is in fairly good condition, the stitching still holding. The sword sheathes and draws very well, if a little tightly into the plated steel scabbard indicating it was probably never or seldom sheathed in that scabbard, an ominous sign for the original owner.

A great item, very nice to get one complete and with the potential to identify the original officer. Don't wait too long, it should sell quick quickly. Please quote item reference number G98 (987). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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