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WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officers Shin Gunto, Sold

In overall good condition, a World War 2 Japanese army officer's shin gunto, private purchase with non-regulation Gosan Kiri decoration, blade by Tempo era Higo smith Enju Naohiro.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officers Shin Guntoimage G82 1

Sold Item Notice

The maker of the blade Enju Naohiro, is said by some to be the same person as Dotanuki Munehiro, see Nihonto Antiques Site; this claim is contentious, but in any event, Enju Naohiro was clearly a quality blade maker. This blade has a feint though clear and very active gunome / midare hamon with the bohi (fuller) indicating this was one of his better blades.

Enju Naohiro

image G82 3

The 24 inch blade is sound with no truly major rust spots. The same rayskin grip is split one side and a menuki is missing off the same side. The sarute loop (sword knot ring at the end of pommel) has come astray a little. The leather saya / scabbard is aged and worn, etc. but sound. The tsuba is a later replacement, the original apparently having split from active service use. But otherwise the sword is authentic and in overall good condition for a field officer's sword that probably dates from before Pearl Harbor.

A great sword from a great blade maker. Please quote item reference number G82 (981). Further / full sized images upon request.

image G82 5

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