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1800's / Georgian / Napoleonic British General's Sword, Sold

In good condition, a rare early 1800's / George III / Napoleonic British infantry general's sword

1800's / Georgian / Napoleonic British General's Swordimage G77 1

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This is such a rare sword as only British generals carried them, as opposed to later General Staff Officers patterns. Which British general once owned this, we do not know, but we can only wonder and muse. A specific design for generals, a variation of the heavy cavalry officer's dress sword rather than the infantry officer's sword of the era; the feature that differentiates it from a heavy cavalry dress sword being the twin "Pas de Ane Rings" (finger grip holes) inside the guard.

image G77 2

Clearly late 18the Century with the blade simply marked "Sohlingen" (with the Prussian spelling "Sohlingen" rather than the British "Solingen"). The 31 1/2 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt having lost some gilt to expose its brass base in places. Critically, the twisted wire grip is very good, this type of grip often having suffered the test of time; this one is in well above average condition. The original leather and gilt over brass fittings scabbard is aged, but good, the leather a little droopy in one area but still sound. The sword point does protrude through the end of the chape / shoe. The sword sheathes and draws quite well.

Find another for sale if you can. When you understand we have not had one for many, many years, you may start to understand just how rare these swords are, and how good an investment £1200 actually represents. Please quote item reference G77 (962). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

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