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WW2 Japanese NCO's Shin Gunto Katana, Sold

In very good condition, a guaranteed authentic WW2 Japanese NCO's shin gunto katana.

WW2 Japanese NCO's Shin Gunto Katanaimage G75 1

Sold Item Notice

Please note: We guarantee this is an authentic WW2 Japanese NCO's shin gunto, NOT a reproduction. Be warned, the vast majority of this pattern / model of sword on the market are reproductions; this one is 100% authentic, guaranteed. It also has matching serial numbers to the blade and saya (scabbard), so the two are original to each other.

image G75 2

image G75 3

Kokura arsenal stamps to the blade and fuchi. The 26 1/4 inch blade (cutting edge, excluding habaki) has some blemishes to it, but is generally very good and firm in the tsuka (hilt / grip). The tsuka is above average, with much if not most of the original copper colored paint intact. The sword sheathes and draws well into / out of the black saya. The locking mechanism works and holds the saya as it should. The saya is particularly interesting in that it is an earlier version, post copper cap but pre-drag.

This is a well above average example. The serial number on the blade and scabbard is 54686, so one of the earliest made of these swords, which means it probably has seen some action and possibly worse. £650 is a very good price for such an early manufactured example with matching serial numbers and in such good condition. Please quote reference number G75 (966). Further / full sized images available upon request.).

image G75 5

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image G75 4

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