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Edward VIII British Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Sword, sold

In very good condition, a rare as it is unusual Wilkinson made Edward VIII British infantry officer's sword. Possibly the former property of the Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward 8th).

Edward VIII British Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Swordimage G54 1

Sold Item Notice

Rare? Yes, King Edward the 8th was only on the British throne for a very short time, so very few British infantry swords were made with his royal cypher. Unusual? Yes, for two reasons. First, the scabbard appears to be original and the sword sheathes and draws very well, but it is a stylized slightly curved scabbard for a straight blade. We have seen this on earlier Edward 7th swords, but not later. Second, the sword was made long after King Edward 8th abdicated (to marry American Mrs. Simpson). The serial number is 92049 which is for 1968, which is the year the then Duke of Windsor last attended a royal ceremony, for the funeral of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. It is believed this sword was specially made for that occasion, but we have not yet determined for who and if so, why. The Wilkinson sales ledger confirms this EVIII sword was made in 1968, but does not say for whom, which again may indicate the Duke of Windsor himself.

image G54 2

Although the hilt and blade bears the cypher of Edward 8th, the blade is correctly marked in the Wilkinson ricasso etching for 1968 saying "By Appointment To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II". The faux fishskin grip is also indicative of the late 1960's, basically confirming that the entire sword was made in 1968.

Everything is in very good condition; the 32 1/4 inch blade is firm in the hilt. A rare sword with a very unusual history and scabbard. Certainly one of a kind and therefore worth every penny. Please quote item reference G54 (967). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

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