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1757P George III British Infantry Basket Hilted Backsword, Sold

In sound condition, a very rare 1757M Drury made basket hilted backsword for a British infantryman, one of the type carried by British forces in the US War of Independence.

1757 Pattern Drury Made George III British Infantry Basket Hilted Backswordimage G46 1

Sold Item Notice

What a rare sword. You often find half basket versions of this style of sword, but rarely encounter this full basket variant made by Drury for the army of King George 3rd.

image G46 2

In terms of a fighting weapon, this was a terrible sword, the grip and hilt and guard all brass and welded together as one. Terrible to hold and the soft brass giving little real protection to the hand, the ribbed brass grip an awful thing to hold and wield. Like most examples, this one has the grip coming away from the pommel. It can be re-welded or simply glued. We like it as it is to show just how frail these weapons were. The blade being a shade or two better at least, a well designed and made backsword blade, this one with some evidence (period nicks) it caused a foe some pain.

The 31 1/4 inch blade has lost the very tip. It is in overall good condition, speckled patina, with the Crown GR Drury mark on both sides. The blade is not so firm in the hilt, mostly because the hilt is showing its inherent weaknesses. But all is sound, easily preserved and kept for another 250 odd years.

Try and find another! On this basis alone, the £(too late, now sold) price tag is a very good price. Please quote item reference G46 (951). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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