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10th Royal Hussars Cavalry Trooper's Sword, 1821P, sold

With excellent Crimean War provenance, in overall good condition, an 1821 Pattern light cavalry trooper's sword / sabre marked to the 10th Royal Hussars.

10th Royal Hussars Cavalry Trooper's Sword, 1821P, Crimean War Provenanceimage G31 1

Sold Item Notice

Please note: The blade of this sword has a kink in it, which is probably period.

Marked in the inside of the hilt "X" over "R H" over "356", this sword has the rack number 356 for the 10th Royal Hussars, who saw battle in the Crimean War (they were not involved in the Charge of the Light Brigade). Our research shows that the 10th Royal Hussars still carried the 1821P (not the 1853 pattern) as is known most British light cavalry regiments did during the Crimean War. The 10th Hussars were involved in the Siege of Sevastopol, the Battle of Eupatoria and destruction of Kerch.

image G31 2 XRH 356

The sword has several decommissioning stamps indicating the sword was probably decommissioned because of the kink to the blade; putting a kink in an 1821 P blade is not easy, the kink is a diagonal one (so not done in a door or vice) which indicates the damage could well have been caused by a strike or even a falling trooper, though the later is not so likely as the hilt seems not to have been damaged. You could always probably have the kink taken out of the blade, but we would leave it as is.

The 35 inch blade is in good condition generally, with Enfield acceptance marks to the ricasso. The hilt in good order. The leather cover of the grip gone; the wooden base remaining (having been later painted black). The scabbard is well dinged and dented, but the sword still manages to sheath and draw well enough. The scabbard also medium pitted throughout. Still, a genuine Crimean War British light cavalry trooper's sword with some apparent history for just £xxx; it doesn't get much better than that. Please quote our item reference number G31 (952). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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