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19C Maduran Donoriko Keris Kris with Trisular Blade, sold

An exceptionally rare form of keris, the hilt being a Maduran Ivory Dorniko, the blade probably Javanese, the sheath from Palembang, Sumatra, in good condition.

19C Maduran Ivory Hilted Donoriko Keris Kris with Kudi Kujang type Trisular Blade

Sold Item Notice

A period compilation keris; the components from different regions but clearly made for each other. The incredibly rare trisular blade almost of Kudi Kajang type construction is almost certainly Javanese. The Ivory Dorniko grip / hilt is from Madura. The very high quality Palembang (Sumatra) sheath is clearly made for the keris, the blade fits so well. This type of blade is associated with Javanese royalty. We are sure we have under priced this. Please quote item reference G14 (939). Further / Full sized images available upon request.

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