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1854 Pattern Victorian British Infantry Officer's Sword, sold

In very good condition, a very high quality Mole of Birmingham made 1854P British (for India service) Infantry officer's sword with original hilt liner and leather carry bag.

1854 Pattern Victorian British Infantry Officer's Sword (India Service) by Moleimage G05 1

Sold Item Notice

This is one of the very best 1854P's we have ever had. The VRI hilted sword has India issue marks, so this was probably intended for a British NCO or perhaps Indian officer, but this is no ordinary issued sword; the quality is superb, and we doubt it was actually issued to anyone, it is in such good order. It still retains the original black leather hilt insert, which is exceptionally rare. Plus this item comes with its original leather all weather carry bag, which you hardly ever find Victorian examples of.

image G05 2

The divinely etched 32 inch blade, marked to "Robt Mole & Sons Makers Birmingham" is in very good, almost mint condition (some rubbing of the maker's name through drawing and sheathing of the sword), is firm in the hilt. The brass hilt with some aging would probably clean up fully very well, in very good condition. The black fishskin and copper twisted grip wire bindings are very good. The sword sheaths and draws well into / from its browned steel scabbard (the term "browned" relates to a chemical process used during manufacture to make the scabbard dark brown and more resilient to the elements). The scabbard has some rusted areas, but not so many; generally, it is in very good condition. The original all weather leather carry bag (shown below) is aged and the stitching is gone in places (the top section has come away from the lower section).

This, truly, is a bargain as you are unlikely to find a better quality example in such good condition at anywhere near this price. Please quote item reference number G05 (926). Further / large images available upon request.

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