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French M 1882 Colonial Infantry Officer's Presentation Sword (sold)

Very good example of a French colonial officer's presentation, probably retirement sword, with scabbard.

French M 1882 Colonial Infantry Officer's Presentation SwordFrench M1882 for Colonial Officer

Sold Item Notice

An interesting high quality sword in good condition. A French colonial infantry officer's sword marked with cavalry battle honours ("8 MAYO 1863 Lanceros de Zacatecas" see: French Intervention in Mexico and "16 AOUT 1870 7eme HUSSARDS DE BRUNSWICH" see: Duchy of Brunswick), so the officer was previously a cavalryman. Given the model is 1882 and the battle honours 1863 and 1870, I think it is safe to assume this is a retirement presentation sword.

Zacatecas Brunswick Honours

The blade has three nicks where the etching is located, two nicks for the Brunswick and one nick for the Zacatecas battle honour; these appear to be factory made and I surmise an account of poor victims who fell at the hands of this officer. The ring bindings in one part are a little loose but otherwise this sword is in very good order. I would be prepared to accept £400 for this sword and scabbard. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 109 (80)



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