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French 1816 model Cavalry of the Line trooper's sabre (sold)

Rare M1816 French heavy cavalry trooper's sabre with scabbard.

French 1816 model Cavalry of the Line trooper's sabreFrench 1816 model Cavalry of the Line trooper's sword

Sold Item Notice

The replacement for Napoleon's AN XIII Cuirassier sabre, this fearsome 1816 Model cavalry of the line trooper's sword with similar twin fullered 98.5 cm blade (field converted to spear point) and brass bar hilt is often harder to source than its predecessor.

Bick Lobstein

Bick (B in chain circle) and Lobstein (L) poincons (inspection stamps) to the blade date it from 1816 to August 1824. Several markings including rack / trooper number to the hilt together with a Bisch B under star in a pointed shield stamp, which shows it was inspected and passed by him from 1845 to 1864, so it had a long service life (as was common). The scabbard is an earlier 1816 P from experience.

Balaran poincon

The sabre is in very good order with everything firm and the grip solid / complete, though 2/3 of the grip wire is missing (easily replaced if required). It sheathes very well but with the last few millimeters stiff. Further / full sized images available upon request. Item code 327

image French 1816m cavalry troopers




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