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Five Ball Spadroon 1786 Pattern British Infantry Sword Sold

Poor condition English 1786 Pattern 5 Ball Spadroon British Infantry Officer's Sword.

Five Ball Spadroon 1786 Pattern British Infantry Swordimage spadroon

Sold Item Notice

The above picture shows the temporary backpiece and pommel I molded onto the sword with terra cotta modeler's clay (and then painted) to give the sword some dignity / make it look as it should. This can be left in place or easily removed.

This is such a rare sword, after 4 years of collecting, this is the best example I have been able to get! As you can see from the pictures left and below, from before I added a temporary backpiece for display purposes, part of the hilt is missing. The blade is 83.3 cm long and firm in the hilt; it is well rusted but with stable black rust and the blade is still quite strong. I am pretty sure this is an infantry, not naval version of the five ball spadroon but I may be wrong. Further pictures available upon request.

Ivory Grip Five Ball Spadroon


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