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19th Century Horn Hilted Abyssinian Shotel, Sold

In good condition, a rare tri-fullered horn hilted Abyssinian shotel with silver Austrian coin to pommel.

18th Century Horn Hilted Abyssinian Shotelimage F68 1

Sold Item Notice

A well above average shotel with very good blade and horn hilt, together with status symbol / emergency currency Austrian coin to the pommel.

image F68 2

The 31 inch tri-fuller blade is in aged and worn though good condition and firm in the horn hilt. The horn with cracking as to be expected but complete give or take. The Austrian silver coin well worn. Complete with original leather scabbard (small part of end section missing).

Please quote item reference number F68 (894). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

image F68 3

image F68 4

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