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1740 Patt. English / Scottish Dragoon Cavalry Backsword, sold

In very good condition and with battle scars, a rare and stunning 1740 Pattern English dragoon cavalry sword, of the type used by the English at Culloden, with Sterling Scottish blade..

1740 Patt. English / Scottish Dragoon Cavalry Backsword, Stirling bladeimage F36 1

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This is a rare item indeed, made even more desirable by clear battle damage to the blade and the fact the blade was made by John Allan the Younger in Sterling, Scotland. So this sword may well have been used by loyalist forces against the Jacobites, or possibly by the Royal Scots Greys against the French during the War of Austrian Succession. The marking to the blade below is distinctive and was only used by John Allan the Younger.

image F36 2 John Allan Younger Stirling

The mighty impressive 90 cm long blade is in very good condition, but it has several period nicks and has been period repaired (re-forged); many people would miss it, but the blade had once broken in two near the forte and a skilled bladesmith has reforged the two parts together, so the blade was still fully serviceable. These battle scars make the piece much more evocative and potentially valuable, particularly if the regiment could be identified courtesy of the Stirling blade maker.

The hilt is absolutely exceptional, in very good condition. The superb fishskin grip with twisted grip wire bindings are also very, very good. This is an exceptional museum quality example of a very rare and beautiful sword. A true investment at only £? (too late, now sold). Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference F36 (874).

image F36 3

image F36 4



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