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1796P Napoleonic / Waterloo British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, sold

By renowned Birmingham maker Gill, this is a superb Board of Ordnance stamped 1796 pattern British light cavalry trooper's sword that saw action during the Napoleonic Wars.

Napoleonic / Waterloo 1796P British Light Cavlary Trooper's Sabre, Gilimage F31 1

Sold Item Notice

First, we guarantee this is an authentic Napoleonic wars British light cavalry sabre, not one of the many aged reproductions on the market; 100% money back guarantee. This example is well aged but very sound overall, made by one of the most revered British sword makers of the time, Gill of Birmingham, and has period forward cutting edge damage (nicks) to the blade that, together with the Crown Board of Ordnance stamp, says this sword has been used in battle.

image F31 2

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The 32 /12 inch blade is in very good general order, though has some light pitted areas and scuffing, plus the tell-tale nicks to the forward cutting edge, and is firm in the hilt. The hilt is aged but very sound, the original leather on wood grip is very aged and worn, but there are some thin leather traces still there which is quite a rarity, so well above average in that respect and a great bonus to still be able to hold the same leather as the trooper that helped defeat Napoleon's Grand Amree. The scabbard is well pitted but sound. The sword sheathes and draws well enough but loosely, as the original wooden liners for the scabbard are long gone.

A lovely piece of history from Britain's finest hours. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference F31 (864).

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