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1860 Model US Cavalry Sabre, Ames, Dated 1861, sold

In very good condition, a superb United States Civil War cavalry sabre that clearly has seen use.

1860 Model US Cavalry Sabre, Ames, Dated 1861image F29 1

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This is an early US Civil War cavalry sabre, made in 1861 when the war started, and has clear signs of use (multiple stirrup dings to the front of the scabbard) and some nicks to the cutting edge of the blade. The maker's name is virtually worn away from the sheathing and drawing of this sword. Marked US CCG (inspector G. G. Sanders) 1861. It has been around, and for sure has seen battle against the Southern Confederate States.

image F29 2

The 34 1/2 inch blade is very good, clear signs it has been sharpened more than once, the tip area beginning to show some signs of thinning, though it is still strong and sound. The blade in very good condition with some evocative nicks. The hilt is in good shape with much of the gilt still present. The grip is original and has a large horizontal crack down one side, typical of something once saturated in sweat and then left to dry. The twisted grip wire is a later replacement. The sword sheathes and draws very well, though the multiple dings do bite and hold a little. The scabbard is marked with number at the top and throat band. Some believed original paint remains.

A great US civil war sword for only £(sorry, too late, now sold - but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Further / large images available upon request. Please quote item reference number F29 (869).

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