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WW2 Showato-to Takayama-To Toyama Ryu iai Katana, sold

In very good condition, a showa-to by Takayama, the Toyama Ryu iai sword instructor / master / maker, signed Shinbu Fusatsu Takayama To Ujinaga.

Shinbu Fusatsu Takayama To Ujinaga image F14 1

Sold Item Notice

This is a scarce WW2 Japanese naval sword. It was made by the Takayama sword forge facility, which made Japanese naval officer swords. This obviously is not a true naval officer's sword, it is a Toyama Ryu iai katana; we are unsure if these katanas were used solely for training or were used in battle. Takayama-To swords were developed by the Japanese Navy under the direction of Col. Takayama Masayoshi. He was the creator of Jissen Budo Takayama Ryu Batto Jutsu (AKA Toyama Ryu iai), and taught sword techniques at the Imperial Naval Academy during the war. The technique was developed by Col. Takayama Masayoshi on the battlefields of China, who claimed standard sword fighting techniques used by the Japanese army were not enough to kill an opponent with a single strike. He improved sword fighting techniques and became a convicted war criminal for his efforts. We believe the over-length saya is original as we have seen an identical katana on eBay, see also the photos here; Toyama Ryu iai.

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The 26 1.4 inch cutting edge blade (excludes habaki) is in overall good condition, with straight hamon still showing quite clearly. The tip has some corrosion and there are scratches and stains and light patina patches. The special shaped tsuka (handle) with dragon and orb menuki plus cherry blossom fuchi is especially nice. The plain iron tsuba, standard for this sword, is marked "Jinchu" (loyalty). The black lacquered saya has some damage to the mouth / throat area (can be repaired); again, we are sure from other exact same swords that the saya was oversized for some reason and that this saya is original to the sword.

The mei "Shinbu Fusatsu Takayama to Ujinaga saku" means "Divine techniques do not kill Takayama Ujinaga (made this)."

Bearing in mind one of these were on eBay for $1550 USD before the seller removed it (presumably he sold it for more elsewhere), and we are sure our price is a superb opportunity and investment. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference F14 (877).

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