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1796P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, Gill, sold

In very good condition, a Gill made British 1796 pattern light cavalry trooper's sabre with a Dawes scabbard; such mismatches often indicate Waterloo use.

1796P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, Gill,image F03 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this is an authentic period 1796 pattern light cavalry trooper's sabre / sword, approximately 200 years old (not an aged recently made reproduction). What makes this sabre very interesting is the mismatched sword to scabbard; the sword was made by Gill, the scabbard by Dawes. As the scabbard and hilt have commensurate patina, it is most likely that that the two were married many years ago. The most likely reason being the sword was collected from the battlefield at Waterloo and married with a suitable scabbard, as happened a lot. Many broken / damaged blades, many fallen swords.

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In any event, this is a first class sword in very good condition. The 32 1/2 inch blade is very good condition, with the correct crown over 1 inspection stamp for the period for Gill made swords. Blade firm in the hilt, the sword sheathes and draws well into the Dawes made steel scabbard, which is equally in good condition. The original leather over wood grip is in aged but sound condition, some worm holes. A well above average example and a good investment. Further / large images available upon request. Please quote item reference number F03

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