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1796 Patt. British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, for sale

A rare 1796P heavy cavalry trooper's sword with original hatchet point, marked to the 6th Dragoon Guards, in overall very good condition for its age.

A rare 1796P heavy cavalry trooper's sword with original hatchet pointimage F02 1

Sold Item Notice

We absolutely 100% guarantee this is an authentic Napoleonic British 1796 pattern heavy cavalry trooper's sword; be warned, this is a rare and valuable sword where unscrupulous dealers take modern reproductions and age them. Again, this is not a fake / reproduction. It it is 100% authentic, over 200 years old.

A very rare sword made even rarer by the fact it has retained its original hatchet point and is in such good condition, plus is regimentally marked on the scabbard "6 DG A 13' to sword / trooper 13 of A troop of the 6th Dragoon Guards. The blade marked with a Georgian crown over broad arrow inspection mark.

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The 35 inch blade is in very good shape for its age, some light pitting, a nice patina throughout, still firm in the hilt. The hilt with noticeable more pitting, but still sound. The original leather grip in aged by still good condition, some loss, some wear, some overall age cracking. The scabbard rattles a little, the wooden liners having perished, some rust holes to the shoe / chape.

A well above average example and well worth every penny. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference F02 (853)

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