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Edward 7th HAC Artillery Officer’s Field Sword (sold)

An extremely rare Edward VII Honorable Artillery Company Officer's Sword with family crest of the Stirlings of Hertfordshire or Bankell.

Edward 7th HAC Artillery Officer’s Field Swordimage Edward 7th HAC Artillery Officers Sword 2

Sold Item Notice

This is an extremely rare and unique artillery officer's sword with an 1854 pattern flying bomb hilt like that of the Grenadier Guards except the bomb is inscribed with the Honorable Artillery Company logo "HAC"! This is a very rare pattern of sword that does crop up now and again but is not a well documented pattern. The ricasso is marked to "Wilkinson Sword Co London" but I believe this was made by another maker. If an outfitter was asked by an officer to have a Wilkinson made sword but the outfitter dealt with another maker, it was common for the outfitter to ask their maker to copy the Wilkinson logo. This would be frowned on these days to say the very least, but went on quite a lot at the turn of the century apparently. However made the sword, the etching is very good indeed. That etching in this blade's case includes the family crest of a lion passant with the Latin phrase “fides servata secundat" ("Tried fidelity makes prosperous") belonging to the Stirlings of Hertfordshire or Bankell. The sword quality is extremely high and has one of the best quality leather scabbards I have seen. The sword, scabbard, grip and original sword knot are all in very good condition overall with no movement / looseness. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 118 (68).



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