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WW2 British RM Commando's Beaded & Ribbed F-S Knife, sold.

With WW2 Italian theatre provenance, a Beaded & Ribbed Fairbairn-Sykes F-S Fighting Knife. Sold for display at the officer's mess, 40 Comando Royal Marines

WW2 British Royal Marine Commando's Beaded & Ribbed Fairbairn Sykes Knife

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Bought by us directly from the son of a former WW2 Royal marine commando, believed to have been in the 40 Commando, Royal Marines. This knife is clearly well worn and was worn / used in active service in Italy. Please see the companion knife; WW2 British Royal Marine Commando's Beads & Ridges Model F-S Fighting Knife. The son says his father bought both knives back when he was de mobbed in Malta in 1946, and he believes one of the two knives was that of his father's fallen friend and comrade (supposition as he admits his father never, ever discussed the war). But the story seems credible as why else would a commando have two knives, and both knives have the same acceptance mark, broad arrow over 6, so it seems probably these two knives were issued to members of the same commando unit. We do not know which of the two knives was issued to which commando; the one that survived or the one that is believed to have died in action.

Although a few good condition (believed to be surplus) beaded and ribbed Fairbairn Sykes exist on the market, it is rare to come across one that clearly was carried and likely used. There is some of the original black field paint on the bras grip, but not much; another sign the knife had been tightly grasped in a commando's hot sweaty hand several times. The 6 5/8 inch blade has been period sharpened and there are some apparently period nicks etc to the cutting edge which indicate some use (the nicks have a patina consistent with the general patina age of the blade). The knife is firm. The original leather and metal shoe sheath is in very used and aged condition. Really, when you hold this item, you will not be in any doubt this knife saw an arduous service life during WW2.

The used status / provenance puts the value of this Fairbairn Sykes above better condition ex-stores itemst. Full sized photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number E99 (851).

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