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1796P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword, Osborn, sold

In very good condition, an Osborn made British 1796 pattern light cavalry trooper's sabre / sword.

1796P Napoleonic British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword, Osbornimage E86 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this is an authentic period 1796 pattern light cavalry trooper's sabre / sword. We feel the need to say this because the sword is in such good condition, and because there are a lot of reproductions on the market, so VGC swords generally are ones to be suspicious of. This particular sabre was made by Osborn and the crown over 11 inspection mark on the blade is both correct for Osborn made swords and proves this sword was purchased by the Board of Ordnance for the British Army. However, the lack of any regimental / troop / trooper markings and the near new condition of the blade indicates this sabre never made it into the hands of a cavalryman and thereby explains the very good condition.

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The 32 1/2 blade has never seen battle for sure, there is not a nick on it, and the blade is in such good condition. Firm in the hilt, the hilt and scabbard equally shows patina as you would expect, the scabbard patina is so even that it almost looks like "browning" (a chemical treatment used on swords years later to turn them brown and thus make them non reflective). The original ebonized (blackened) wood or possibly leather on wood grip is in good shape. The sword sheathes and draws exceptionally well (a rarity), the scabbard able to hold the sword firm when inverted, which means the scabbard's internal wooden slats are in good condition. Again, this is a 100% authentic period 1796P, guaranteed.

A well above average example and therefore well worth the price tag. Further / large images available upon request. Please quote item reference number E86 (840)

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