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WW1 / George 5th Royal Scots Officer's Cross-Hilted Broadsword, Sold

A rare WW1 era Royal Scots officer's cross-hilt broadsword in overall good condition, the blade in very good condition.

WW1 / George 5th Royal Scots Officer's Cross-Hilted Broadswordimage E78 1

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The unusual flat double disc quillon finales are reserved for cross-hilt swords for officers of the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment). The extra wide 1 1/4 inch blade is impressive, especially with its very fine etching, the ricasso etched to "Scott Adie Ltd 115 Regent St London -W-", a well known Scottish outfitter in West London.

image E78 2

image E78 3

The 32 1/2 inch grey etched blade is in very good condition, some scuffing and small light rust spots, but not much; etched to King George V one side, with Scottish thistles the other. Blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt with some plating loss, the fishskin grip in worn but sound condition, twisted grip wire bindings absent. The leather field scabbard is generally good; it has an unusual round chape (possibly a metal chape finale was once present). The sword sheathes and draws very well.

A very good example for only £? (too late, now sold). Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number E78 (836)

image E78 4

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