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Rare King Edward 8th British Infantry Officer's Sword, sold

A rare Edward VIII British infantry officer's sword in good condition and a prime candidate for low cost refurbishment.

Rare King Edward 8th British Infantry Officer's Swordimage E72 1

Sold Item Notice

King Edward 8th was only the British Monarch from 20th January to 11th December 1936; as such, very few swords were marked with his royal cypher. This is therefore a very rare sword. True, there is some rust to the hilt, but getting a specialist such as Crisp & Sons to replate the hilt would only cost around £140 including sales tax and you would then end up with a fine and quite valuable sword. Or you could simply leave it as it is, good and rare enough as is.

image E72 2

The 32 1/2 blade is in good condition; it has light patina spots throughout but the distinctive King Edward VIII cypher still stands out. The blade is firm in the hilt; the hilt has suffered rust mostly to one edge section at the front and also in various areas in the inside bowl. But the hilt is sound and the fishskin grip with twisted grip wire bindings are in very good condition. The leather sword knot is good, though a little aged. The leather scabbard and frog are also very good for the age. The sword sheathes and draws well.

The best part is the price. Additional / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number E72 (788).

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