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WW2 British Commando's F-S Fighting Knife 2nd Pattern, B2, sold

In very good condition, an issued (B2 Broad Arrow) blackened British WW2 commando's Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife.

image E69 WW2 British Commandos Fairbairn Sykes 2nd Pattern B2 Fighting Knife

Sold Item Notice

There is debate over whether these "B2" F-S fighting knives were made by Wilkinson Sword or to their design by the Birmingham Small Arms factory. The blade has the y-shape ricasso and the does look every part a Wilkinson except for no name markings, so the debate continues. Either way, this is 1 100% authentic WW2 British Commando's fighting knife; it was issued and the blade was sharpened. The 17cm blade is still nicely blackened, the hilt has lost some blackening due to being held of course. Everything firm and nice. The correct B2 broad arrow mark and pommel nut indent confirm this is 100% authentic, and yes, we guarantee this. A really well above average example, the missing sheath "wings" or tabs show this was worn by a commando, not by a SOE. Please quote item reference number E69 (828). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image E69 1

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image E69 2

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