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Late 18C Senior Scottish Infantry Officer's Basket Hilt Broadsword, sold

An exceptional rare "hole pierced St Andrews's Cross" basket hilt broadsword with ivory grip for a senior Scottish infantry officer, circa 1790 to 1798, in overall good condition.

Circa 1790 - 1798 Senior Scottish Infantry Officer's Basket Hilted Broadswordimage E56 1

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This is such a rare broadsword that we can only find text accounts of it, or rather like it. The punched hole St Andrew's Cross is a rare example of what limited Scottish decoration was allowed on basket hilts in the late 18th Century; we can find several references to these basket hilts, but never a photo (until now). The blade confirms late 18th Century, possibly early 19th. First is is a typical Solingen made or at least Solingen style blade, the small ricasso and short central fuller as you will find on many 1798P broadswords. The blade is only 27 inches long, and it appears to be complete / original size wise. We suspect this was a dress sword for a senior officer, but it could have been in the style of the shorter flank officer swords of the time. It is very difficult to say, except that this is a very rare sword.

image E56 2

The hilt is of steel, so we are fairly confident it predates the 1798 pattern. Like most other basket hilts of that era, this one is quite thin and therefore frail; one forward-guard ring is missing, it looks period missing. The 27 inch blade is a fighting blade rather than a dress blade; we have seen this type of blade on many British swords of the era that were intended for the battlefield. The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt, the hilt with an "O" section, perhaps more typical of older English basket hilted swords, though found on some Scottish basket hilts as well; the St Andrew's Cross confirming this is indeed Scottish of course. The grooved ivory grip is firm and in very good condition, but with the normal fine cracking associated with genuine aged ivory.

In any event, the blade and grip confirm this to be an old broadsword and the fact that you will not likely be able to find one anywhere else depicted, let alone for sale on the Internet should indicate to you what a great investment this is. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number E56 (775).

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