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Mid 17th Century Scottish Ribbon Hilt Broadsword, Ferara, sold

With 18th Century hilt repairs but in sound condition, an ultra rare 17th Century Scottish ribbon hilted broadsword, early Ferara marked blade.

Mid 17th Century Scottish Ribbon Hilt Broadsword, Feraraimage E44 1

Sold Item Notice

An exceptionally rare Scottish basket hilt, circa 1660, with likely early to mid 1700's hilt repairs. Rare because of age and the fact the baskets deteriorated and / or were damaged so easily, and that many Scotsmen removed the blades and mounted them into newer hilts in the 1700's. So, very few of these survive intact.

image E44 2 Ferara

The hilt has been damaged in the past and repaired, most likely the early to mid 1700's because of the use of brass studs. The 34 1/2 inch blade is complete, but the point end has rust pitting and holes. The grip is probably a replacement, also early to mid 1700's.

Overall the blade is sound, except for the tip area, but this is fairly sound (not about to crumble further unless badly treated). The blade is well worn but still the name "Ferara" can be seen, along with talismanic symbols. The blade is original to the hilt, mid 17th Century.

The hilt itself is strong / sound given its construction and age. As long as this sword is kept away from moisture / damp and treated periodically with a good penetrating oil, it most likely will last in its present condition for many hundreds of years more.

Get it while you can, only £2000. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number E44 (779)

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