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1831 Pattern Victorian British Infantry General's Mameluke Sabre, Sold

Made by quality sword manufacturer Thurkle, this 1831P British infantry general staff's mameluke sword is in very good condition for its age.

1831 Pattern Victorian British Infantry General's Mameluke Sabre, Thurkleimage E42 1

Sold Item Notice

Please note: We 100% guarantee this is an authentic Victorian British infantry general officer's mameluke, not one of the many Indian made reproductions currently being sold as authentic on the market.

This is a fine Victorian officer's mameluke, made from 1876 to 1899 by Edward Thurkle Manufacturers, 5 Denmark Street, Soho, London.

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The 31 3/4 inch blade, well etched with crossed sabre and baton emblems for a general officer, plus Victorian royal cypher and scrolls, is in very good condition for its age; some spotting, some wear, but not much really. The blade is firm in the hilt. The ivory grip sections are good except for one small repair at the top of one side; grip rosettes so often lost are present and good. The original crimson and gold sword knot is aged and worn but attractive and sound. The steel scabbard indicating a field officer is good, though spotted throughout (should clean up if required) and the tip section has many small dents / dings, indicating it was worn during arduous circumstances.

This is a stunning sword and a superb investment at £xxx (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee). Further / full sized images are available upon request. Please quote item reference E42 (802)

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850 - 1000

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