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Circa 1800 Georgian British Midshipman's / Naval Officer's Dirk, sold

In overall good order, a very rare circa 1800 British midshipman's or naval officer's dirk of the Royal Navy.

image E25 1800 Georgian British Midshipmans Naval Officers Dirk

Sold Item Notice

Marked on the locket to Prosser, Charring Cross, London, the renowned maker for senior and well connected British naval officers. Generally in good order, a "soft" repair to the final ivory grip segment under the pommel (if you remove this and use an epoxy resin glue and then some dark ivory nail varnish, you probably will get very close to the original ivory), we had the leather of the scabbard / sheath replaced locally. The 39 cm plain blade is in good sound order, some light pitted areas, and firm in the hilt. The dark yellow ivory grip is in good condition, except where previously noted, some slight cracking as to be expected. The dirk sheathes and draws well.

We know this dirk would sell for £850 at a specialist auction, as they are so rare and highly sought after. Yes, that is the price we have this one available for. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number E25 (886)

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