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WW2 Senior Japanese Police Officer's Wakizashi, Katakiriha, sold

A very rare senior Imperial Japanese police officer's wakizashi / katakiriha with Hakkou munuki, blade (not tang) signed "Ashu Kaifu ju Ujiyoshi", in fair condition.

WW2 Senior Japanese Police Officer's Wakizashi, Hakkouimage E22 1

Sold Item Notice

An exceptionally rare Imperial Japanese senior police officer's wakizashi / katakiriha, blade signed "Ashu Kaifu ju Ujiyoshi" of the so called "Kaifu group" who signed the actual blades, not the tangs.

This sword is well worn and aged, with several nicks to the cutting edge of the 17 inch cutting edge (excluding habaki) blade (nothing fatal), but is in overall sound condition and might well blossom with a full polish. The mounts are old and also aged; the kabuto-gane (pommel cap) missing. The saya (scabbard) is starting to come apart. But still, this is for a blade by Ujiyosh of the Kaifu group, so well worth the £400 price tag. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote reference number E22 - Box 799-1m.

image E22 2 Ashu Kaifu ju Ujiyoshi

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