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Circa 1830 British Naval Officer's Keris Bladed Dirk, sold

In very good condition, an early to mid 19C British naval officer's dirk with Malay keris blade, probably for an East India Company Naval Officer (Bombay Marine).

image E18 19C British East India Company Bombay Marine Malaysian Dirk Keris

Sold Item Notice

A really bespoke and interesting British naval dirk with keris blade and bone grip, mounted within a post-1826 British naval officer's sword lion pommel and backstrap. Clearly made for an officer of the East India Company's navy, as only they would have the license to carry such a regionally influenced bespoke piece. This rare item should appeal to naval and keris collectors alike.

image E18 1

The 32.5 cm wavy keris blade of traditional Malaysian Peninsular form is firm in the hilt. The hilt of gilt brass form with standard British naval lion's head pommel and mane backpiece. The white (probably whale) bone fluted grip is in very good shape. Complete with original leather and brass / metal fittings scabbard / sheath. Everything firm and nice; the stitching on the scabbard coming apart in one area due to leather shrinkage (we have now applied leather balsam, so the shrinkage should stop).

You will not find another one, so ours is a very good price! Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number E18 (796).

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