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1796P British Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre, JJ Runkel, sold

In good overall condition, a rare 1796 pattern British light cavalry officer's sabre, JJ Runkel Solingen blade, pre-1801 Royal Coat of Arms.

1796P British Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre, JJ Runkel Solingen Bladeimage E16 1

Sold Item Notice

With the blue and gilt etching still visible after all these years, this Napoleonic Wars era British light cavalry officer's sabre bears the even rare pre-1801 British Royal Coat of Arms. The forward cutting edge with period tell-tale nicks (which are virtually impossible to fake) that indicate the sabre saw very active service.

image E16 2

image E16 3

Apart from the replacement blackened hardwood grip, a few period nicks to the blade and the fact you need to sheath the sabre at a certain angle (keep the blade to the right of the inside of the scabbard as the wooden liners have deteriorated somewhat), this 212+ year old sabre is in very good order.

image E16 6 JJ Runkel Solingen

The 32 inch blade with a good patina is firm in the hilt which also has much patina, the replacement grip is solid in the hilt, the scabbard with some pitting but generally good and sound, well patinated. The sabre sheathes and draws well though sticks when sheathing if you forget to sheath with the blade down the right of the inside of the scabbard. But the blade holds well in the scabbard, no rattle, and the scabbard will hold the sword in place if inverted. So all-in-all, a very nice example. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number E16 (787).

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