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1800 Pattern British Royal Navy Cutlass, Sold

A rare Trafalgar era, so called 1800 Pattern British Royal Naval cutlass, slightly shortened, in aged condition.

1800 Pattern British Royal Navy Cutlass as used on HMS Victory at Trafalgarimage E06 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this is an authentic circa 1800 British Royal Navy cutlass. The pattern was replaced in 1804 by one with a ribbed grip, though most of the cutlasses en board the British fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar would have been of this pattern. Research indicates that in 1805, most cutlasses on the main decks (where boarding raids were conducted) would have been the 1804P, with the lower gun decks equipped with the (this) older model for possible use by the canon crews. This is a very rare item because cutlasses endured a long, arduous and environmentally unfriendly life, being used for practice when no longer fit for active service, hence very few exist, hence why most authentic 1800P cutlass like this one that survived are in such aged condition.

image E06 2

The blade length is 19 3/4 inches and is firm in the hilt. The cutlass has suffered the salt air of the oceans and is typically rusted (stabilized) and pitted. This particular cutlass has lost the tip section of the blade, most likely if / when the cutlass was retired from active service to be used for practice, though it may have simply fallen off in time or, indeed, have remained lodged in the gizzards of a poor French or Spanish sailor. In any event, these cutlasses are very rare, and our price is very reasonable. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number E06 (825)

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