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Napoleonic Wars French An XI Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre, Sold

In good to very good condition, a French Sabre d'Officier de Cavalerie Legere ou de Chasseur (light cavalry officer's sabre), almost certainly a war trophy, with good blue and gilt etching.

Napoleonic Wars French An XI Light Calvalry Officer's Sabre, Blue & Gilt Etchedimage E03 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this is a 100% authentic Napoleonic French cavalry sabre, not some later reproduction. It was made by Schimmelbusch of Solingen before 1813, probably around 1810; Solingen is in Prussia / Germany and they were allies if Napoleon until 1812 and many if not most French officer's sword / blades were Solingen made at this time. We bought this sabre from a deceased's estate, the sword being in the attic and clearly for a long time. It is therefore likely to be a war trophy brought home by a British serviceman during or just after the Napoleonic Wars.

image E03 2

The 34 1/4 inch curved blade is in very good condition, a couple of minor nicks to the cutting edge half way down, quite likely as a result of parrying with the enemy; the blade was period sharpened but is not too sharp now; the etching a little aged as to be expected but still clear and impressive. The blade is firm in the hilt, the brass 3 bar guard in good shape, the leather and twisted wire grip in good condition, a little aged, the twisted wire a little stray under the pommel. The sabre sheaths and draws well into its browned steel scabbard which has some signs of rusting and the browning is mostly gone, but has done its job in protecting the blade.

A lovely sword, very evocative to hold, a definite investment. Please quote item reference E03 (797). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image E03 An XI Sabre d officier de cavalerie legere ou de chasseur


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