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1853P British Indian Baroda Native State Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, sold

In good condition, an above average Indian 1853P cavalry trooper's sabre, British maker unknown, complete with belts.

1853 Patt British made Indian Baroda Native State Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, beltsimage E01 1

Sold Item Notice

A lot of sword for the money, and a cut above most Indian 1853P's. This calvary sabre would have been British made, but there is no maker's mark. It feels a couple of notches above the deride Rodwell made sabres and we are sure this one was not made by Rodwell, not least because it handles better and also because the "NS BAD" (Native State Baroda) marking to the front of the hilt is a different style to that used by Rodwell.

image E01 2

In addition to above average construction, this sabre comes with its original belts which is very rare. Note that the blade is longer than the length of the scabbard; this is because the sabre did not go all the way into the scabbard because its inner guard section rested on the loop of the suspension belt; quite odd / different but it works! We have not seen this sheathing / suspension method before, so the sabre is therefore quite unique in collector's terms. The 85.5 cm blade has been period sharpened, marked "4 33" to the ricasso (regimental markings) and is firm in the hilt. The inside of the hilt has the markings "1 over 251"; how this correlates to the blade markings is hard to say, as this is clearly a different system to the British, but we would hazard a guess that this was 1st Regiment, sabre number 251, 4th troop, trooper 33. All in all, outstanding value at only £(too late, sold! though we will reveal the original sales price for a small fee!).

Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number E01 (798)

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