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Shinto Period Unsigned Wakizashi, Sugu-Kudzure Ha Hamon, Sold

In good condition, a late Shinto period Japanese Wakizashi, unsigned.

Shinto Period Unsigned Wakizashi, Sugu-Kudzure Ha Hamonimage D92 1

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A good late Shinto period (late 17th, early 18th Century) wakizashi with typical Sugu-Kudzure Ha hamon. The 50.5cm cutting edge blade (excludes habaki) with two mekugi-ana (peg holes) has been poorly but soundly polished with a good jihada (forging grain), some kitae-ware (small forging flaw squiggles), a kuchikomi (small patterned former rust patch).

image D92 2 hamon

image D92 3

The wakizashi generally is in good but aged order. For example, the saya (scabbard) sayajira (end cap) is missing and there are chips to the lacquered wood; these could be resolved / improved by a diligent amateur and then the entire scabbard simply resprayed. There is a little movement of the blade in the tsuka (hilt) but not a lot and almost certainly easily fixed with another seppa (spacer / washer). Some of the silk ito (grip braiding) is worn and looks to have been glued in a couple of places. The same (rayskin base) is grubby but sound. But overall the sword is in very sound condition and the twin dragon menuki and iron tsuba are particularly nice.

All in all a very good buy for only £? (too late, now sold). Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference D92 (756)

image D92 4




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