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18C / 19C Ottoman Empire Khopesh / Kopesh Yataghan, Sold

An exceptionally rare late 18th or early 19th Century Ottoman Empire Khopesh / Kopesh Yataghan in very good condition.

18C / 19C Ottoman Empire Khopesh / Kopesh Yataghan

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As rare as a North Korean polling booth / station / place, a beautiful awesome and feared 18th / 19th Century Ottoman Empire Khopesh / Kopesh. There is so much debate about where these swords originate from, but the most likely is Egypt or Syria. In any event, they are as rare as they come; just do a search for them on Google where you will find many modern copies and several museum pieces, but not many or even any for sale.

The 25 inch blade has several grooved sections and golden inlays, with significant detail to the blade's spine. The opposed goat horn hilt with leather grip is in good condition; the blade is firm. A little bend to the protruding hilt end of the blade, nothing much, easily corrected if desired.

We have no doubt this item could and should sell for a lot more, it is that rare. A solid investment. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number D78 (768)


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