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WW2 British Royal Artillery Officer's Sword, Wilkinson, sold

With rare British Monarch etching, in very good condition (except for scabbard), a WW2 Royal Artillery officer's sword by Wilkinson with original owner's initials.

WW2 British Royal Artillery Officer's Sword, Wilkinson, Rare Monarch Etchingimage D73 1

Sales enquiries

Wilkinson serial number 68292 for 1939. The etching is unusual in that although the blade bears the royal cypher of then King George VI, the Wilkinson logo states "By Appointment To His Late Majesty King George V"; this is because Wilkinsons had not yet been awarded the "By Appointment" warrant for King George 6th. The exceptional blade bears the initials of the original owner / officer ""A U G N" so he should be fairly easily researchable with some effort and diligence (or you could simply pay £10 to have the Wilkinson sales ledger researched!). Certainly the original owner served King and country during World War Two.

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The 34 inch blade is in very good condition with fairly minimal wear, scuffing and patina. Blade firm in the steel hilt a little aged / tarnished but would clean up if required. The black fishskin grip is a little aged but overall in good to very good condition. The twisted grip wire bindings are also good, some minor waywardness with a couple of single strands but only here and there. The field service leather scabbard has been broken in two at one stage and glued back together, then boot polished over. The glue would probably sand down for a better finish if required. Otherwise, the scabbard is in good order, though the frog suspension loop has broken off half way along. The sword sheathes and draws well.

The sword is very nice and worth the price even allowing for the scabbard if for no other reason than the special etching and ability to identify the original owner. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote reference number D73 (759).

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