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1796P English Heavy Cavalry Officer's Campaign Sword, Waterloo, sold

In very good though aged condition, a 1796P English / British heavy cavalry officer's "undress" / campaign sword, spear pointed indicates use at Waterloo.

1796 Patt. English Heavy Cavalry Officer's Undress / Campaign Sword, Waterlooimage D71 1

Sold Item Notice

In very good condition for its age, a guaranteed authentic 1796 pattern British cavalry officer's undress sword; the sword the officer used while on campaign (in battle), plus possibly later replacement scabbard. The 34 inch plain blade with ubiquitous "G" stamp to either side of the ricasso (there is much debate about what the "G" or sometimes "GG" marks mean, but many subscribe to the ideal these are for "Good" approval markings) is in very good though well "polished" condition, and is firm in the hilt; there is the slightest bend and minor nicks to the cutting edge, again signaling use.

image D71 2

There is no clear maker's name to the spine, though the apparent remains of one are just visible, it looks like "Osborn". The hilt is undamaged (most have broken sections) and some patina but is very solid and sound. The leather grip is worn but mostly good; some wear patched but that just adds to the attraction as this sword was obviously held / used a lot. The silver twisted grip wire bindings are complete though a few turns are a little wayward one side, again testifying to being held / used a lot. The Steel scabbard is marked to "Osborn & Co" "Birmingham". The sword sheaths and draws very well; the scabbard holding firm to the blade when fully sheathed. Please note: Being this is an officer's sword, it was a private purchase by the officer or his family / friends, so there are no government / war department stamps.

This blade has been spear pointed. Originally it has a hatchet point which was far less effective at penetrating the enemy's personal armour than a spear point. A general order was given 6 days before Waterloo for british heavy cavalry swords to be converted to spear point, though not all were. It is unlikely an officer would convert his sword to spear point unless he intended to use it and was present at Waterloo, plain and simple. The fact this sword has a plain, rather then blue and gilt etched blade is typical for a front line officer, as he need something to kill, not to show off.

Again, the sword is 100% period and authentic, and was almost certainly used in the 100 Days War. It is therefore exceptional value at only £2000, especially as we saw a virtully identical example but with a cracked hilt sell for £2500 elsewhere literally as we were listing this item (we would be happy to send you proof of the other slightly damaged sword selling for much more elsewhere, just ask us); again, our price for this item was £2000. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number D71

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