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Napoleonic French An XI Infantry / Artillery Man's Sword, sold

In good condition, a scarce Napoleonic French infantryman's / artillery sword, no post-1815 markings, a Waterloo battle trophy.

image D48 Napoleonic French An XI XIII Sword Battle Waterloo

Sold Item Notice

The blade's spine with the date February 1815 ("Royale" as Napoleon was in exile on the island of Elba at the time), also marked to Klingenthal, the hilt marked to Versailles, all of the "poinçons" (inspection marks) are 1815 or earlier. Most swords of this type are actually later Prussian version or even French captured swords then marked to Prussian regiments, or have later French markings indicating they stayed in service after 1815 and therefore were unlikely at the Battle of Waterloo. This sword was bought by us in England, where it probably was brought back directly after Napoleon's final defeat by a British serviceman or other public servant as a war trophy. These pre-1816 only marked swords are very rare, do not confuse this one with the sea of later, often Prussian made versions (many countries adopted the pattern after the Napoleonic Wars). This we guarantee 100% is authentic Napoleonic French.

image D48 2 Klingenthal February 1815

The 23 1/2 inch blade is in good condition with some tell-tale nicks to the cutting edge, which was period sharpened and remains slightly sharp. The blade is firm in the hilt and the brass hilt and grip are in good order. The blade's poinçons (inspection marks) are 100% correct for the date on the spine. A very good chance to own a relic from one of the most momentous days in British history. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number D48 (746).

image D48 1

image D48 3

image D48 4 Versailles

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