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WW2 Japanese NCO's Katana, Knot, Carry Bag, sold

In good condition, a WW2 1935M (Type 95) Japanese NCO's katana / shin gunto, matching serial numbers, complete with sword knot and original carry bag.

WW2 Japanese NCO's Katana, Matching Serial Numbers, Knot, Carry Bagimage D46 1

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Apart from the matching serial numbers on the blade and saya / scabbard throat, the thing that really makes this WW2 Japanese NCO's shin gunto so appealing is the original carry bag. The sword knot plus the carry bag are valuable items in their own right, especially the carry bag as these are so rare, but they also dramatically increase the value of the sword itself because their presence means the sword was taken off a Japanese soldier, not from a post-war surrender sword warehouse.

image D46 2

The blade and fuchi collar bear the stamps for the slightly rarer Nagoya arsenal (most are for the Kokura arsenal). The serial number 80087 is early to mid war, so this sword has been around for sure.

The 26 1/4 inch blade (excludes habaki) is in good condition without any nicks or other damage; it has some slight age staining but this can be removed if required. The hilt is good, the grip retains a good amount of the original copper paint. The sarute loop is missing, but the sword knot is all there and in good order. The steel scabbard is good, though most of its original paint is gone and there are some rust patches. The canvas carry bag is sound but has staining. The sword sheathes and draws very well; the locking pin works well and holds the scabbard / saya as it should.

Try and find another with the original knot and carry bag! So this is well worth our asking price. Further / full sized images upon request. Our item reference number is D46 (735).

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