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WW1 / George 5th British / Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword, sold

In good condition, a solidly built George 5th pre-1914 Scottish infantry officer's broadsword.

WW1 / George 5th British / Scottish Basket Hilted Broadswordimage D05 1

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An unusual and therefore scarce George 5th / WW1 Scottish basked hilted broadsword in that it has a so called "dumb bell" (late Victorian Style) blade rather than a Claymore blade. The retailer's / maker's name "Moss Bros & Co Ltd" says this sword is pre-1914 (when they became Moss Bros PLC) and probably one that was rented out rather than sold, in which case a lot of less well off newly commissioned officers destined for the trenches along the front line would have held this sword as their respective passing our parades. Though it may have ben sold to one officer of course, we are fairly sure this is a sword rented out by Moss Bros to several officers during WW1.

image D05 2 Moss Bross King Street Covent Garden London

image D05 3 George V

It is a solidly built sword for sure. The basket hilt is very robustly made. The very unusual leather with extra strength steel suspension rings scabbard is reminiscent of many English NCO's sword of the later Victorian era, though this one is clearly Scottish in that it has the obligatory ball chape of a basket hilt.

The 32 1/4 inch blade is in good condition, a little worn, some patina spots, the etching still clear, and firm in the hilt. The steel hilt with some rust spots but solid and sound. The leather grip with twisted grip wire bindings is in very good condition. The faded royal blue edged crimson hilt lining aged, but sound. The scarlet tassel in good shape. The leather and steel fitting scabbard is quite impressive; very sturdy, though the leather has aged. The sword sheathes and draws well. If only this sword could talk of those that had held it. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number D05 (710).

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