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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, Kojima Katsumasa (sold)

An Imperial Japanese WW2 army officer's shin gunto with the blade by famed Gendaito smith Kojima Katsumasa in excellent condition.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, Superb Blade Hamonimage C95 1

Sold Item Notice

The best original condition untouched blade in a WW2 shin gunto I have ever seen. The blade by a famous Gendaito swordsmith, signed "Noshu Seki No Ju Kojima Katsumasa Saku" (Seki smith Kojima Katsumasa made this); please note, some people refer to this same mei (signature) / smith as Koshima Katsumasa, often in relation to his training of other Gendaito smiths. Katsumasa's real name was Kojima Taro, born in 1907 in Seki city, Gifu prefectuer.

Noshu Seki No Ju Kojima Katsumasa Saku

image C95 2

The 26 1/2 inch full katana length blade (cutting edge excluding habaki) is in exceptionally good condition, virtually mint, with strong hamon and tight itame-hada forging grain and no forging flaws at all.

The tsuka (handle / hilt) is in very good condition, a little shrinkage of the rayskin as is to be expected (the sword clearly has been kept in a very dry environment for the blade to be so good). The leather saya in good but worn order; the little leather with popper retaining strap is still present and clicks nicely onto the saya / scabbard. You will not find a shin gunto with a better original polish blade in our opinion. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number is C95 (690).

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