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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, Edo period blade, sold

Signed "Hoki No kami Fujiwara Nobutaka", a highly ranked Edo period swordsmith, this WW2 Japanese army officer's shin guntos is in good order.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, Edo period blade

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Let us talk about the blade, actually the swordsmith who made it. There were 5 generations of Fujiwara Nobutaka that signed their work "Hoki No kami Fujiwara Nobutaka"; see here. Four of the five are rated Chu-jo saku (4th highest ranking) or above; one is rated Jo-jo saku (2nd highest ranking). We do not know which Fujiwara Nobutaka made the blade for this sword, but it is simply a matter of how much a huge bargain someone is going to get.

Fujiwara Nobutaka

Having built this blade up, let us share some realities. The cutting edge of the blade has seen some action; action against what (WW2 or later), we can not tell; there are a series of nicks to the forward to mid cutting edge; the nicks are not deep, they impose no more than about 1/4 of the hamon. The hamon is very, very feint; we can see it turning the blade to a certain angle to natural light, but can not photo it (one of the photos we have has some hamon showing); but the hamon is very active Saka-gunome ha or Sugu-gunome ha, and the blade has strong hada (grain). It could really do with a good polish, and deserves it.

The 26 1/2 inch blade is very sound and clearly well made. The sword fittings overall are aged and worn; the tsuka (handle) is in good condition. The field leather saya / scabbard is sound but worn and aged.

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