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Authentic Waterloo French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Sold

In very good condition, a Waterloo battle trophy French An XIII Cuirassier trooper's sword, most likely of the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment of Napoleon's Imperial Grand Army. Authenticity 100% guaranteed.

Waterloo French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Arsenal Paris marks, Versailles hiltimage C07 1

Sold Item Notice

We 100% guarantee this is an authentic Napoleonic French An XIII, not one of the many later reproductions. We can say with all certainty that this is a war trophy from Waterloo or shortly thereafter, as there are no post-1815 markings. In addition, the blade has been ground down to a spear point, as happened with most, although not all French An XIII heavy cavalry swords just prior to Waterloo; a spear point is far more effective at piercing body armour, etc than the original hatchet points that these swords were made with.

image C07 2 Arsenal Paris AP
image C07 2 CM
image C07 3 Versailles Boutet

The blade is marked "AP" for "Atelier de précision" plus "CM" on the other side (what "CM" actually means / signifies has been lost in the winds of time but is frequently found on Paris made blades). Atelier de précision blades were considered the highest quality and were used both on service swords and were issued as benchmark examples to inspectors at Klingenthal and elsewhere to ensure quality was maintained. The Versailles hilt shows that the blade was made under contract / order by the French Government and sent to the Versailles arms factory to be hilted. Where this sword is especially good is the fact it is one of the very, very few you will find where the rack / weapon number on the hilt, in this case "802", matches that on the upper suspension mount of the scabbard; the sword is original to the scabbard. Also good is the fact the grip has the original leather; the twisted brass grip wire is a replacement, but authentically done. "AP" (Atelier de précision) An XIII Cuirassier swords / sabres are generally associated with the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment.

image C07 4

The 95.5 cm spear point blade is in very good condition, some rust patches towards the forte, but nothing to worry about. The brass hilt has an aged patina which I have left as it compliments the aged scabbard; you could really clean and gleam the brass with a little effort but I truly would leave it as is. The leather grip is original and in good condition; it has been given a good leather treatment to preserve it. The twisted brass wire bindings are a replacement, but well done. The scabbard has old pitting marks, mostly light, throughout, but is very sound and the rack / weapon number is still clear. The sword sheathes and draws well, a little loose, nothing much. A great example and such an evocative worthwhile investment. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number C07 (616).

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