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WW2 Late War Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, (sold)

A 1944 model Japanese army officer's shin gunto with unsigned blade / no stamps, possibly Gendaito.

WW2 Late War (1944 Model) Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katanaimage C06 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this item is authentic, not a later reproduction.

A late war Imperial Japanese army officer's katana, the blade with some ware, no signature and no government stamps, indicating the blade was hand forged, though I doubt of the finest carbon steel, quite possibly a convict, railway worker or even retired / injured soldier made blade.

image C06 3

The 67 cm blade is in good condition, some scratches, some signs of field sharpening. Everything else is in equally good condition, some aging / wear to the leather saya / scabbard. Very well priced. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number C06 (618).

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