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Mid 17th Century (Circa 1650) English Civil War Mortuary Sword (sold)

In good condition, an English civil war officer's sword marked to Andrea Farara with 17C Passau running wolf.

Mid 17th Century (Circa 1650) English Civil War Mortuary Swordimage C05 1

Sold Item Notice

A rare English Civil War sword, most likely a Royalist's sword as there are no depictions of the beheading of King Charles 1st, which sparked the third of the three wars that collectively are refereed to as one.

This particular sword has a Prussian made blade despite the fact it is marked, as was often the case, to Andrea Farara, courtesy of the 17th Century Passau Wolf mark. The Andrea Farara markings lending some credence to the theory this was a Royalist's sword.

image C05 2 Andria Farara 17th Century Passau Wolf

The 34 1/4 inch blade shows signs of wear and age, plus some evocative nicks to the cutting edge; the blade is overall in very sound condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt has one broken bar and one broken pommel hook, plus one that is astray; this is not a big deal given the age and probable history of the sword and could be repaired if so desired, though I would be inclined to leave as is. The original leather or possibly fishskin grip covering covering has gone, but the turk's head ferrules are still present, which means the wooden grip base is original. A superb slice of history at a very reasonable price. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number C05 (623).

image C05 3

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