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C 1790 British 37th Regiment of Foot Infantry Officer's Sword, sold

An exceptionally rare stirrup hilted British infantry officer's sword of the late 18th Century, marked to the 37th Regiment (of foot); musket lead shot dent indicating Flanders Campaign action.

Circa 1790 British Infantry Officer's SwordCirca 1790 British Infantry Officer's Sabre

Sold Item Notice

The stirrup hilt and flat blade place this sword or rather sabre to around 1790. Although patterns had been introduced by the British in order to try and standardize accoutrements, many British officers still had their own preferences and say in what they carried; particularly the elite Flank company officers as this sword's original owner likely was. This particular sabre is interesting for two reasons; a) it is marked to the 37th Regiment of foot on one langet and b) what can only be the hole or rather imprint (as it did not go through the blade) of a small ball of lead shot (Americans call it buck shot) fired from an enemy's musket.

Musket lead shot hole

This almost certainly means the sword was present during the Flanders Campaign of 1793 / 1794 against the French which the allies (Britain, Austria and Holland eventually lost). The flaming musket ball motif and "37TH REGT" can still be clearly seen. The blade now devoid of any original etching is none the less in good condition, though a little misshapen upon close inspection. A little loose in the hilt, the wooden grip with some damage (a small hole), still, for such a rare old sword, this is still in my mind in good condition. As such and with such clear provenance, I could not part with this lovely sabre for less than £800. Further / larger photos available upon request. Item reference number 334 (28).

image 37th regiment of foot



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