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1750-1800 British Infantryman's / Yeoman Warder's Sword, sold

A rare US Independence / Revolutionary War period sword, in good condition, with sword nicks to blade.

1750-1800 British Infantryman's / Yeoman Warder's Swordimage B98 1

Sold Item Notice

This pattern of sword was carried by both British infantrymen in the American War of Independence (US Revolutionary War) and by Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London. Either way, it is a very rare sword indeed. This example is on very good condition for its age and has sword nicks to the blade that imply it was once held and used by a British infantryman. We 100% guarantee this sword is authentic. not a later reproduction.

The 29 7/8 inch blade is patinated throughout but in good order save for a few tell-tale sword combat nicks to both the forward and reverse cutting edges. The blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt is in very good order with no apparent damage or bending, except for some small soldering repairs to the silver wire grip one side. Full sized / additional pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number B98 (609)

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